FISHING: Stars line up for weekend

WHITING, snapper, tailor and mulloway have been the topics of conversation this fishing week, with theories abounding as to why things are so ‘‘on’’.
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The new moon has slipped into the full. Lack of rain has salted up the estuaries. The tailor have come early.

Whatever the reason, the fishing has been great and looks like being just as good this weekend.

After coolish unsettled southerly conditions, it looks like we are in for a relative heatwave with temps tipped to push 26 degrees tomorrow and Sunday.

The tides look favourable, too, with lows in the middle of the day and highs early morning and late arvo.

Results from an interclub fish-off between rival clubs Pelican RSL and Redhead Bowlo last weekend suggest anglers should be excited.

Redhead took the honours with some spectacular fish, but it was tight, with the winning margin being 9kilograms, or one half-decent jew if you like, of which there were many.

One posse of Redhead boys came back from Broughton Island with reds up to 8.5 kilograms cleaned, despite slightly inhospitable conditions.

Pelican rivals Steve Kennedy, Dave Mitchell and “Tank’’ got jew up to 7kilograms on the wider reefs before having to call it quits to get home for Tank’s wedding anniversary.

Tank obviously copped it for interrupting the bite.

Some bitter Pelican clubmates are suggesting club treasurer Mitchell’s preference for ‘‘eco fishing’’ cost them the chocolates.

“He grinds the barbs off his hooks and blunts them because he reckons he enjoys hooking fish more than catching them,” a Pelican informant said.

“But we went down by 9kilograms at the final weigh-in, and I reckon Dave missed a stack of jew that could have got us over the line.”

There were some class whiting about, with some weighed in around the 650gram cleaned mark.

Jason “One For” Nunn and son Patrick, the “Marks Point Marksman”, got 18 in their afternoon session, and a 5 kilogram jew.

Tubeworms brained it for the whiting, but it wasn’t so straightforward with the jew. “We go out and catch fresh squid, we’ve got three rods out and can’t get a bite,” Jason said.

“Then I throw a lure on, three jigs on the bottom and we got a jew. Go figure.”

Overall, anyone who fished the lake, which was most of the Pelican guys, got jew.

Bob Penfold had some good ones.

Donny Cummins had his usual very good catch of flathead, bream and mulloway.

Funnily enough, if you want to talk about what coulda been, Darren McNaughton, a Blacksmith boy through and through but not a Pelican RSL Fishing Club member, turned up at Fishermans Warehouse on Saturday morning with a 17.5kilogram mulloway cleaned. He’d lost a couple of others that Friday night.

If Daz had been on the books, Pelican would have blitzed it.

Great time for whiting

The whiting have been in great condition and particularly prevalent in the Swansea Channel area, but encouragingly they’re starting to show up along the beaches and breakwall.

The only thing lacking lake-wise has been bream, particularly in the channel.

The better fish seem to be in the lake.

“It is unusual this time of year that the channel is so barren of bream,” Jason said.

“Perhaps it has something to do with the last prawn run, which wasn’t as good as expected. Most guys only averaged 2 kilograms.’’

Attention now turns to the December run, which hopefully will mirror Tuggerah and Myall River, which have been getting some great shots.

“Hopefully the lake will have its turn soon and bring on the bream.”

Head to the beaches

LOCAL beaches are going off with great catches of jew, whiting and tailor reported this week.

And another really exciting things development has been the early arrival of tailor in good numbers and size off the sand and rocks.

Gary Hill, an accomplished rock fisho, spun up a bag last week off Catherine Hill.

Blake and Reece Woodforth, whose boat Accelerate is out of action at the moment, have been fishing the beaches this week and got into them too, as well as jew, whiting and bream.

‘‘It didn’t seem to matter if you were fishing off the beach or rocks, everyone caught tailor last weekend, here and up at Port Stephens,’’ Jason said.

‘‘They usually turn up late December early January.

‘‘Not that we mind. Some of these tailor have been really good fish.’’

Jew Harbour comeback

STOCKTON Beach has been firing for jew and Newcastle Harbour seems to be making a comeback with lots of juveniles about and the odd behemoth. As reported last week, school jew have been spotted as far up the river as Morpeth and even Woodville.

It’s possible they are pushing up in search of prawns which, due to no rain, haven’t been flushed down.

Perhaps the water has been getting saltier as a result of the dry.

Whatever the reason, there seems to be a lot of jew about and everyone is talking it up.

Meanwhile, bass fishing continues to go ballistic.

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