How to live the law of attraction

There are three steps to take when you are travelling towards your desired life.
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This is called the Be/Do/Have model. Be the person you wish to be; do the necessary action to bring it into play; then you will have what you desire.

This is the basis for the law of attraction, which is the belief that like attracts like.

Let’s use an example of desiring a healthier body with the Be/Do/Have model.

Be: How should you think? What should you believe? What traits should you hold?

Perhaps self-belief, focus, determination or commitment are among traits you choose. Embrace these characteristics as your own.

If your belief does not match your ‘‘doing’’, you may fall short and give up on your goal.

Do: There is no law of attraction without action. Follow your thoughts and beliefs with action to ignite the law of attraction.

Show the universe you are a committed player in creating the change you desire. Become aligned with the idea of who you want to be with the necessary action it takes in being that person.

Have: Your mindset matches someone who achieves a healthy body, and you’ve taken the required action to bring that about. The universe by way of the law of attraction will reciprocate your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions by presenting you with your desire.

But having a medallion does not make you a marathon runner. What is first required is choosing to be the runner, then choosing to do the race that allows you to have the medallion.

The have is the reward, the be and do shows who you really are. Start by being today.

Bobbi Chegwyn is a self-empowerment coach, author and speaker who runs her business, Ask Coach Bobbi. Check out askcoachbobbi南京夜网.

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