Judicial system needs a complete reform

The judicial system of this country needs more than a overhaul, it needs utter reform.
Nanjing Night Net

In the case of Antony Duguid, where was the duty of care which should have been instrumental in keeping this man balanced? Obviously nowhere.

Who passes the buck of responsibility, relentlessly? I believe the government – federal and state – are equally accountable for permitting, through a ridiculous political correctness, mentally unstable people to roam the streets.

For heaven’s sake, this man was, and is, dangerous. But no, that’s not enough, is it? It may cost money to provide proper housing and care. He killed a man in cold blood. Sick or not, he needs to be incarcerated. I care less for the technicality which set him free, I care more for the message being sent throughout this once decent and fair country.

Jennifer Connor,


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