LETTERS: Nanny state for the rich

ON Monday, Mr Abbott released his proposal to subsidise families who use live-in or at-home nannies.
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This is part of a Productivity Commission inquiry into childcare that Mr Abbott will order if elected.

In fact, it’s a blatant political sweetener aimed at the affluent in our society. It means that families receiving the ‘‘nanny subsidy’’ will be able to upgrade the Porsche or Audi earlier than planned.

Even those struggling to go on only one overseas holiday per year can look forward to either an extra vacation or maybe a little longer on Bora Bora if Mr Abbott is elected.

Affluent families should not be the beneficiaries of Coalition subsidies. Mr Abbott is quick to decry that Labor is creating a ‘‘nanny state’’ in Australia yet he promotes this Coalition initiative – the party that puts demands of big business and the wealthy well ahead of the needs of ordinary Australians.

Mr Abbott works hand in glove with Mr O’Farrell in the NSW version of what an Abbott-led government will look like.

The Herald had an excellent story about a Novocastrian forced to stay with relatives and friends while she waits for affordable accommodation.

Mr O’Farrell judged it was fine to suspend new affordable housing grants but I believe he would applaud Mr Abbott’s ‘‘live-in nanny’’ deal.

He knows it will help voters in Singleton pay off their boats sooner or buy an extra house at the Bay.

Although Labor struggles with priorities in this period of fiscal restraint, Mr Abbott seriously proposes subsidised nannies for the rich and fortunate.

John Butler

Windella Downs