LETTERS: Reason opposes phantasm faith

PETER Dolan (‘‘Dogmatic intervention’’, Letters, 21/12) states, ‘‘…but reason is itself a matter of faith. Without God reasoning is a meaningless physical process’’. Whereas the irrational may serve to highlight the rational it is by no means necessary to rational thought.
Nanjing Night Net

Whenever reason is applied to the mystical, the truth and practicality of reason becomes apparent. Simply because some people want to have faith in phantasms doesn’t render their fantasies factual or needful. To call reasoning a meaningless physical process shows a profound ignorance of the physical and the nature of reason itself.

Fables and fiction serve a purpose in exposing the foibles of the human condition but this does not make mythology fact. If one wants to anthropomorphise the universe, to give nature an ego, then they should take a long and reasoned gaze into that mirror, or would that be a meaningless mental process?

Peter Ronne