Mick, here’s one back at you

CONGRATULATIONS to Mick McGlone for his “bah humbug” opinion on Christmas (The Border Mail, November 20) but why did you use this valuable editorial space to denigrate and criticise atheists?
Nanjing Night Net

This mob, as you describe us, bag people with beliefs you say.

Well excuse me, Mr McGlone, is it not you who is doing all the bagging?

Personally, I have never known anyone who denies the existence of Jesus of Nazareth, even atheists, yet there is still no actual evidence of a connection to any God, unlike your analogy of the big bang theory, of which there is evidence.

As for your take on the after life, I, as a staunch atheist just like our Prime Minister, know full well that the only physical substance to leave us after death is the moisture content.

What happens to it after it rejoins Earth’s water system is anyone’s guess.

Yes, Mr McGlone, go ahead and enjoy your humbug but don’t use it as an excuse to bag others and their beliefs.

You can’t have it both ways.



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