New era for Real NRL sponsors

THE Newcastle Rugby League has opened up sleeve sponsorship for its nine clubs after deciding to end its long-running deal with NBN Television.
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For more than 30 years NBN has provided contra sponsorship to the league, which included advertising competition matches. In return, teams in all three grades wore the NBN logo on both jersey sleeves.

League chairman Trevor Crow said his board decided to advise clubs they were free to find sponsors for both sleeves next season.

‘‘Some clubs have said they would prefer to take the NBN logo off our sleeve and put on a local sponsor to generate some more cash,’’ Crow said.

‘‘With Newcastle Rugby League not benefiting financially from the sleeve sponsor, the board decided to remove them and allow the clubs to benefit financially if they can find a local sponsor.’’

Crow estimated clubs could generate between $5000 and $10,000 in sleeve sponsorship.

NBN promotions manager and sports presenter Mike Rabbitt said he had submitted an offer to Newcastle Rugby League general manager John Fahey to remove one sleeve logo.

That offer was rejected by the board.

‘‘We’ve really enjoyed and valued the sponsorship of the Newcastle Rugby League. Noone has bothered to talk to me, but if they have decided to go another way, that’s their decision,’’ Rabbitt said.

‘‘We won’t stop doing news because of a promotional agreement, so if that’s the case, we’ll wish them all the best and assist wherever they need us.’’

ALL THE BEST: Mike Rabbitt