What’s on at BIFF – Friday, November 23

Bobcat Goldthwait’s God Bless America. BIFF
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Mongolian Bling was five years in the making.

Mongolia may be best known for nomads and Genghis Khan, but its emerging hip-hop culture is beautifully brought to the fore in Mongolian Bling, a documentary five years in the making for director Benj Binks. With a rich tradition of epic songs, throat singing and spoken word, some local enthusiasts even believe hip-hop originated in the country. 6pm, Tribal Theatre 2.

Start laughing right off the bat in Save Your Legs! a bromantic comedy that really is cricket. Written by and starring Brendan Cowell, it also features Stephen Curry and Damon Gameau as members of a cricket club that gets a sponsored trip to India. Runs on the field won’t be the only type they have to deal with; and an encounter with Bollywood might have them bowling a maiden over. Had enough cricket puns? All right, I’ll pull up stumps. 7pm, Palace Barracks 1.

God Bless America is a bloody rage-fest created by comedian Bobcat Goldthwait. It’s a pitch black satire on reality TV, as depressed and dying Frank goes on a killing spree with disaffected teenage sidekick Roxy. Comedy as revenge fantasy. 7pm, Tribal Theatre 1.

Liberal Arts is an indie rom-com by Josh Radnor, from TV’s How I Met Your Mother. Radnor also stars as bored 30-something New Yorker Jesse, who finds a new lease on life when he heads back to his old university. 9pm, Palace Centro 1.

Salon Kitty is a 1976 feature credited with starting the “Nazisploitation” genre. And there you were thinking you couldn’t actually ‘sploit vicious fascists. It’s the story of Kitty, forced to run a brothel that feeds information to the Gestapo in order to escape internment. She must train her working girls in fulfilling every perverted desire, which, being Nazis and all, is a broad sweeping canvas. Speaking of broads, there’s a lot of nude ones in this film. It’s definitely not for children, the squeamish or the prudish. The perverted? Go right ahead. 10pm, Tribal Theatre 2.

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